Patients reviews

Dr. Rastegar was kind, thorough, and treated me like a whole person. She took her time. I very much appreciated both her directness and her humanity.

Amy G. | Sep 21, 2023

Dr Rastegar is very warm hearted and through.

Inskip M. | Sep 21, 2023

Dr Rastergar , has helped me so much and so glad that she is my doctor. She is a life saver. Thank you Josephine Swayze

Russell S. | Sep 20, 2023

Dr. Rastegar was thorough and attentive in every sesnse of patient interaction and medical knowledge. I actually always look forward to my appointments.

Patricia G. | Sep 18, 2023

Rastegar is brilliant

Michael C. | Sep 13, 2023

Dr. Rastegar is a wonderful, caring physician. She spends a great deal of time taking a careful history and doing a complete cardiology exam. Then she carefully explains her diagnosis and her plan for remedy. I would strongly recommend her.

Jeffrey M. | Sep 13, 2023

Wonderful physician.

Jeffrey M. | Sep 12, 2023

Many thanks! Jeff

Jeffrey H. | Sep 08, 2023