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Cardiovascular disease is NOT just a man’s disease. Cardiovascular disease is the Number 1 killer of women over age 25 in the United States, regardless of race or ethnicity. The death rate from cardiovascular diseases has decreased among men, but continues to increase in women.

Unfortunately, more than 46% of women are unaware that heart disease is the greatest health problem facing women today. 1 When surveyed, most women believed that cancer was the leading cause of death in women, but cardiovascular disease is the single leading cause of death for women in America and most developed countries, and claims the lives of more women than all forms of cancer combined.

Many women also do not recognize the warning signs or symptoms of heart disease, which may be subtler than those exhibited by men.

In addition, only 53% of women said the first thing they would do if they thought they were having a heart attack was to call 9-1-1.5 Unfortunately, this lack of awareness extends to women’s health care providers, often resulting in less aggressive and sophisticated diagnosis and treatment, with worse outcomes.

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